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We enable companies to achieve a competitive advantage through managing contingent workforce quality, efficiency and risk, while reducing costs.

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Managing your contingent workforce

Are you struggling to manage your contingent workforce compliantly and effectively? CXC ensures a streamlined approach to contingent workforce management regardless of talent source, as well as clear accountability for all stages of a contingent worker’s contract through a single provider.

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Enabling your corporate program

Are you attracting, managing and retaining top contingent talent? In addition to our core contingent workforce management service, CXC can introduce initiatives that will significantly improve your ability to engage new and known contingent talent, regardless of whether you adopt an in-house or outsourced program approach.

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CXC Comply

Are you managing and paying contingent workers, but can’t navigate the complexity of global workforce compliance? CXC Comply supports companies engaging highly sought-after contractors compliantly, through our proprietary contractor vetting and compliance platform.

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Enabling your future workforce

Do you have visibility over your contingent workforce and are you sure they are managed in a compliant way?
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A global organization

Our geographic footprint spans 5 continents, providing services from over 30 offices.

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What our clients say

When setting up this side of the business we spoke to numerous payroll companies and we found CXC to be by far the most professional company.

Vas Constanti Marcus Donald People Contingent Workforce Management & Corporate Program Management May 29, 2019

CXC’s clients have provided fantastic feedback on how we helped take their program to the next level.

Our clients & partnerships

We partner with industry leaders around the world.

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With extensive local and global expertise, CXC are at the forefront of thought leadership in the contingent workforce management space. Check out our blog to keep up to date with the latest contingent workforce news, industry trends and much more.

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